The 3rd Fully Online Distance Education Symposium will be held virtually on the 19th & 20th October, 2023.

The idea of this symposium was born from discussions between learning designers and e-learning specialists late in 2020. While COVID-19 magnified the importance of online learning, many universities were already busy transforming face-to-face qualifications to fully online qualifications, entering the Fully Online Distance Education market. This transformational journey brings its own challenges, and therefore the need arises for learning designers, online facilitators, and higher education decision-makers to come together and share their experiences of Fully Online Distance Education.

This symposium aims to invite scholars from all academic and technical backgrounds to participate by presenting work related to Fully Online Distance Education. This symposium is open to national and international presenters, to share their experiences, innovative ideas and pedagogical approaches to transform education practice. This symposium seeks to address the many challenges to technological innovations in online educational settings and provide new directions for growth and development. Through this platform, we hope to create an online community of practice where we bring together like-minded individuals to discuss current thinking and practices in applications of technology within Fully Online Distance Education.

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